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Caring for your Axminster carpet

Axminster is one of the UK’s most recognised and respected names in carpets, with many homeowners opting for an Axminster when they want a high-quality carpet that will stand the test of time. If you want to keep your Axminster looking as good as new for longer, here are a few tips to help you.

Treat your carpet with respect

Take your shoes off when entering the room and encourage the other members of your household and any guests to do the same. While the occasional wearing of shoes will not ruin your carpet, repeated traipsing in heavy, dirty shoes will. Certain types of footwear – such as those with deep grips – can damage your carpet’s pile and leave it looking less than pristine.

It is also important to vacuum your carpet regularly, which helps to stop the pile looking flat and lifeless. Vacuuming against the direction of the pile will help to lift it and give it an instant boost. Regularly vacuuming also helps to remove any fibres your carpet sheds, keeping it looking clean and attractive.

Clean up spills instantly

In an ideal world, there would never be any spills on your beautiful Axminster; however, accidents are always going to happen. If anything is spilled onto your carpet, clean it immediately to help prevent staining. If it is a liquid spill, start by gently soaking up as much liquid as possible using a clean cloth. Never rub the carpet with a cloth, sponge or anything else, as you will risk ruining the pile and leaving your carpet with an unattractive flat or frayed patch. If a cleaning product is required, always read the label carefully and ensure it is specially designed for your carpet type.

If you are dealing with a food spill, carefully scrape up any food before tackling the stain in the same way you would a liquid spill. Always work from the outside of the stain in when dealing with any spill. This helps to minimise the area affected and will prevent the stain spreading.

Move furniture occasionally

Heavy furniture can cause unattractive dents in your carpet that can be very difficult to shift. To avoid this, move your furniture from time to time. You do not need to completely rearrange your room; instead, moving heavy items just a couple of inches will ensure the load is spread over different sections of carpet.

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