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Choosing the right carpet for your home

It can be confusing to wade through all the different types of carpet available. All the talk of fibres and weaves can seem daunting, but this simple guide will outline what you should think about when selecting a new carpet.

Underfoot feel

Different types of carpet feel very different underfoot. Have you ever stayed at a friend’s house and been blown away by the soft, enveloping feel of their carpet under your bare feet? If so, they probably had something like a Saxony carpet. If you are carpeting a bedroom and want a luxurious, comforting feel underfoot, you will need to opt for something with a deep pile; however, if you are carpeting a busy hallway, you might want something flatter and firmer, such as a loop pile carpet. You should also bear in mind any household pets. Cats and dogs can get their claws stuck in the long pile of some carpets, so something more practical might be the best choice.


If you are carpeting a stairway or busy family room, durability is likely to be topmost in your mind. Luxurious, deep pile carpets might look pretty but they are unlikely to be practical in busier rooms of the home. Twist carpets are great for busy thoroughfares and have the ability to bounce back to their original shape after being walked on. For a good all-rounder, take a look at loop pile carpets. These work well in most rooms and are available in a huge range of colours and designs. Many carpets can be treated with special formulas to make them more stain-resistant.


Wool carpets are the ultimate in luxury and softness, but you might not want to splash out on wool for busier rooms that are likely to experience a lot of spills and wear and tear. There are plenty of synthetic fibre carpets on the market in a wide range of prices – not to mention that these are great for anyone who avoids wool for ethical reasons. If you want something stain-resistant, consider polypropylene, which is extremely easy to clean and highly family-friendly. Nylon carpets are also a great option for busy homes. Nylon does not mark as easily as wool, meaning it is perfect for rooms in which you want to move furniture around regularly. You can find nylon carpets in a huge array of contemporary designs, making this a great choice for modern homes.

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