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How carpeted floors can help to keep you warm this winter

Carpet might never have completely gone out of fashion; however, it is no longer the case that every home has carpeted floors in at least some rooms. Laminates, tiles and vinyl flooring have become increasingly popular in recent years, leaving carpet a far less common floor covering than it was just 20 years ago. Many people still prefer carpet in certain rooms of the home, however, even if they have wood or laminate elsewhere. Carpet is still a popular choice in living rooms and bedrooms, where people want to feel warm and cosy all year round. With so many other options on the market, it is easy to forget about the benefits of carpet and how much warmer it can make your home seem.

If you have a cold home that you struggle to heat in winter, carpet could help you to insulate your property and could even help you to reduce your energy bills.

Carpet for insulation

Carpet has excellent insulation properties and helps to keep heat inside your home. If you have exposed floorboards, as is currently extremely fashionable, you will no doubt be aware that they can be tricky to insulate properly. You will probably be accustomed to the feeling of draughts from your floor. While this might be OK – and even pleasant – in hot weather, once winter comes, you will struggle to heat your home. Carpet can stop cold draughts coming up through your floorboards and keep any heat from your central heating or fire in the room. Some homes save up to five per cent on their heating bills by installing carpet instead of hard flooring – you could save even more if your floors are currently very poorly insulated.

No more cold feet

Whether you like to walk around your home barefoot or in socks or slippers, you will soon notice the difference warm feet can make to the rest of your body temperature. If you are used to hard, cold floors, imagine how nice it would be to be able to walk around your home barefoot no matter what the weather outside. The soft, comforting warmth of carpet is great for helping you to relax, and carpet will never feel cold – even in the harshest winter. If your feet are cold, it can be hard to warm up the rest of your body when temperatures drop. You will soon notice how much more comfortable your home feels in the winter months with carpet, even without turning the heating up.

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