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How to childproof your carpets

If you have small children, you will know that carpet is a soft, safe and comfortable flooring choice. It is great for children to sit and play on, it is warm and insulating, and it provides a soft, cushioned surface in the event of the inevitable falls that small children have on a regular basis. Despite all the benefits of choosing carpet as a floor covering in a family home, there are also a few drawbacks to combining children and carpet. Spilt drinks and food, sticky fingers, stray chunks of Play-Doh and knocked over paint pots can all leave your carpet looking less than pristine, so here are some simple ways in which you can childproof your carpet and help to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Use rugs or mats

Adding a child-friendly rug is a great way to protect your carpet during playtimes. Opt for something hard-wearing that can handle the odd spillage or splash of paint. This can be a lightweight option that is easy to roll away after use if you don’t want to leave it out all the time. If you have a very young child who is still in a highchair at mealtimes, a wipe-clean mat under the highchair is essential. There will inevitably be mess, but a cheap, simple mat stops it reaching your carpet.

Use a protecting spray

There are plenty of products on the market that can help to protect against stains and spills – once you have used one for the first time, you will wonder why you didn’t get round to it sooner. These sprays can be highly effective at protecting your carpet, but be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best possible results. You will also have to re-apply the protector regularly, with the frequency depending on the brand and type you choose. Before using any sprays, check with the manufacturer of your carpet that this is OK.

Go for forgiving styles of carpet

It goes without saying that very light carpets and small children don’t mix, so factor in colour when making your choice. It is also worth remembering that patterned carpets can be far more forgiving than single-colour designs. You don’t have to settle for something very dark if you don’t want this – lots of medium shades will cope well with most mild stains and you will find that many are all but invisible after home stain removal treatments.

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