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How to decide on the right colour carpet

When choosing a new carpet, there are several factors you’ll need to consider. These include texture, pattern, style, pile, and, of course, colour. Of these, the colour is probably the factor that will have the biggest impact on your room, so it’s important to get it right. A dark carpet could make an already dim room appear even duller and smaller, while a light carpet might show up every bit of dirt, meaning you spend half your time cleaning it.

Neutral shades

Neutrals are always a popular choice for carpets, as they go with a wide range of decor and furniture. Unless you plan to change your carpet regularly, neutrals are a sensible choice, as they allow you to update your furniture or decor without the expense and hassle of a new carpet every time. Neutrals never go out of fashion, so they are a great option for most homes. If you do want a touch more colour in your room, it’s cheap and easy to add colourful textiles or an accent wall to lift the whole space.

On-trend colours

Unless you can afford to update your carpet very regularly, it’s better to steer clear of the current colour trends for carpets in larger areas. This is especially true if the current fashion is for particularly bright or unusual colours. It might look great now, but it will quickly look dated once it goes out of fashion. Of course, if the current trend is for a colour you will be happy to live with for several years, go ahead!

Flecked carpets

This can be a good choice if you can’t decide on one colour, or if you’re concerned a solid block of colour won’t complement your space. Flecked carpets are available in a range of colour combinations. Lighter flecks in a darker carpet can soften the look of a heavy colour, while darker flecks in a lighter shade add interest. An added benefit of flecked carpets is, of course, that they tend to disguise dirt and debris better so they are a practical choice in family homes.

Whatever type of carpet you prefer, be sure to get hold of a few swatches if you’re carpeting a large room or space. Place the swatches on the floor in different parts of the room and see how the colour works with your existing decor, furniture and features. Remember to try the swatches out in different types of light as carpets can look very different in bright sunshine to how they do on an overcast day or under artificial lighting.

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