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Is it time for a new carpet?

Are you unsure as to whether your carpet needs replacing? This quick checklist will help you to decide whether it is time to say out with the old and in with the new.

Does it show signs of wear and tear?

There are different levels of wear, ranging from slight flattening all the way to frayed edges or threadbare patches. Some flattened patches that have borne the brunt of foot traffic or have been under furniture for an extended period will be easy enough to fluff up again with a little TLC; however, if you are starting to notice areas that just can’t be rejuvenated even by a good going over with your vacuum’s brush attachment, it is probably time to look for a replacement.

Is it discoloured?

Sunlight can dramatically affect carpet over time, which may be more noticeable on brightly coloured and patterned carpets. It is up to you to decide how much fading you can live with; for example, fading in bright and sunny rooms may be fairly uniform and only really noticeable when you move your furniture. In rooms where only part of the floor is hit by bright sunlight, fading can be far more prominent and can make the room look uncared for. If you need carpet for a room that is exposed to strong sunlight for long periods, opt for one that is more fade resistant. Venetian blinds can also help to direct the sunlight away from the carpet.

Is it stained?

Assuming you treated any stains as soon as possible after they occurred and in the correct manner, the only thing for it, if they are stubborn and just can’t be removed, is to replace the whole carpet. If there are stains you have been ignoring for a while and haven’t tried specialist products on, it is definitely worth having a go before ripping the whole thing up. Make sure you always check any stain removing products are suitable for the type of carpet you have.

Does it smell?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that carpets pick up and cling onto all kinds of smells over time, but many of us don’t realise just how whiffy they can get! Smells of food, pets, smoke and damp can be difficult to remove. If you have tried to freshen up your carpet but the bad smells always return, it is probably time to cut your losses and replace it.

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