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Make a statement with patterned carpet

If your mind casts back to the traditional and rather garish designs found in 1970s homes and old pubs when you think about patterned carpets, it is time to think again. Contemporary patterned carpets are available in such a huge array of designs, colours and styles that there is something to suit every home, budget and taste. From striking geometric designs to timeless stripes, patterned carpet is an easy way to instantly give any room a stylish makeover.

Create the illusion of space

One of the often overlooked benefits of patterned carpets is that they can make rooms look bigger; alternatively, if you have a large space you want to make feel cosier, patterned carpets can help here too. Take a striped carpet as an example. Lay this carpet with the stripes running away from the main entry point into the room and you have created the illusion of a longer room; however, lay the carpet horizontal to the entrance and the room will look wider. If you have a room that you feel is too narrow yet also long then lay striped carpet with the stripes running across the narrowest point.

Define different areas of your home

With open-plan living on the rise, we have created welcoming, open spaces where friends and family can spend time together, no matter what they are doing; however, in very large spaces, this can look a little impersonal. Using different types of flooring can let you mark out different areas – such as dining and living areas – while retaining the advantages of open-plan living. Plain carpets in one part of the room and a patterned carpet in complementary colours in another is a great way of breaking up large rooms.

Create interest in small rooms

Smaller rooms, such as studies or small bedrooms, are great places to experiment with bold carpet design. Take a look at some bright, brash patterns for inspiration. Bold patterned wallpapers or carpets can be very dramatic in small rooms, and you can be as daring as you like if you are not trying to create the illusion of more space. To avoid overwhelming the room – unless this is the look you are going for, of course – choose a dramatic carpet with plain walls. This is a great way to modernise your home’s smallest rooms and might encourage you to be more adventurous in other parts of the home when it comes to decor.

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