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Protect your home from spills with Abingdon Stainfree

Life is messy and no matter how careful we are, breakages and spillages are a regular occurrence in most family homes. Food and drink in particular are frequently spilled on the floor, and carpet stains are one of the most frustrating types of stain to try and remove. In addition to the risk of discolouration, there is also the chance that over-zealous rubbing will damage the carpet pile. Nothing ages a carpet like stains and damaged spots, and all too often, the only option when this happens is to replace the entire carpet.

With Abingdon’s innovative Stainfree range of carpets, however, stained carpets are a thing of the past. Available in an impressive range of colours and designs, Abingdon’s Stainfree collection provides both contemporary style and peace of mind in even the busiest homes. If spillages occur, simply blot up any liquid with kitchen towel or an absorbent cloth. Since the liquid cannot penetrate the carpet fibres, any spillage stays on the surface, meaning it couldn’t be quicker and easier to clean up.

Every single carpet in the Stainfree collection has passed stringent tests to ensure that it simply will not fall victim to stains. The cutting edge technology used in the production of the carpets prevents spilled food or liquid from being absorbed into the carpet pile, so any stains cannot take hold. The actual fibres used in the manufacturing process have a built-in resistance to dirt, dust and liquids, with the result that unattractive patches won’t occur, even after spillages.

The extensive range of styles in the Stainfree collection ensures that there is something to suit every room in the home. Whether you’re concerned about kids knocking over drinks in their bedrooms, pets walking dirt into your living room, or guests dropping food in your dining room, Abingdon has a solution for every space and lifestyle. Many of us are so concerned about the appearance of stains that we avoid choosing carpet for our homes at all, sticking to wood, laminate or vinyl instead. Or, if we do opt for carpet, we tend to avoid choosing lighter colours as we’re worried they will show up dirt.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft, warm carpet underfoot, and with Abingdon, there is no need to worry about ugly marks detracting from the appearance of your flooring. Imagine being able to pick the colour of carpet you actually want, rather than simply compromising on a shade or pattern which won’t show dirt.

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