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The best types of carpet for cat owners

If you share your home with cats, you’ll probably know just what a problem their sharp claws can cause. Whether it’s on furniture, wallpaper or carpets, chances are, your beloved feline companions will have sharpened their claws in at least one part of your home you’d rather they didn’t. While kittens are notorious for scratching furniture and other items, they can often be trained to stop it, especially if they have access to the outdoors or plenty of scratching posts scattered about the home.

While stopping your cats deliberately scratching your furniture and other household items might be possible, certain types of carpet can still pose problems for cats and their sharp claws. Certain carpets, particularly those with looped piles, can get caught on your pet’s claws, causing frustration and discomfort to your pet, and possible damage to your carpet. Another point to bear in mind is your cat’s moulting. Some carpets are easier to keep free from pet hair than others, as they don’t cling onto the shed hair so much.

Choosing your carpet carefully can make all the difference when it comes to keeping it looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Wool carpets

Wool has long been considered one of the most luxurious floor coverings. It’s natural, timeless and hardwearing, and can stand up to all manner of wear and tear. It’s naturally tough and any hair your cat sheds will generally remain on the surface, making it easy to vacuum up. On the downside, wool carpets tend to be pricey compared to other alternatives, so this might not be suitable if you are on a tight budget.

Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets have come a long way in the past few decades and often now look and feel just as luxurious as wool, but without the price tag. Synthetics are generally good at standing up to cat claws, and are extremely popular due to often being stain resistant – another plus if you have pets.

Carpets to avoid

While every cat is different, and some have longer claws than others, deep pile carpets, and those with looped fibres are less practical choices for homes with pets. Cat hair can become trapped in deep pile, posing particular problems for family members or visitors with allergies, while looped pile carpets can get snagged on sharp claws. Many older cats in particular struggle to fully retract their claws so bear this in mind if your cats are getting on in years.

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