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Tips for cleaning carpets by hand

In an ideal world, you would have easy access to an industrial-grade carpet cleaner any time you needed one; in reality, many of us have to make do with old-fashioned methods when it comes to cleaning our carpets. Here are some tips to help you get the best possible finish when cleaning your carpet.

Use a carpet brush

Using a carpet brush is a great way to agitate the carpet and helps to remove dust and other pollutants from your flooring. You will need to be prepared to put in some real effort if your carpet is very dirty, but a carpet brush is a very effective way of removing dirt. Once you have gone over the relevant area with a carpet brush, make sure you vacuum straight away. This is vital, as it picks up all the dirt, dust and debris you have just freed from your carpet.

Use vinegar!

Vinegar features in many traditional household tips, and for good reason. Use white vinegar diluted in warm water and apply the mixture to the carpet with a soft scrubbing brush. You should aim to wet the carpet but not saturate it. When you have gone over the affected area, empty the vinegar solution from your bucket and replace it with clean warm water. Take a clean, soft cloth or towel and soak it in the water before wringing it out and rubbing the cleaned areas of the carpet with it. Do this over the whole carpet, then replace your water with a fresh supply and repeat the process. The carpet should be damp but not soaking wet and will soon dry off.

Add rugs in heavy traffic areas

This isn’t a tip for cleaning your carpets as such, but it will certainly reduce the need for elbow grease. If you notice certain areas of your carpet get dirty far quicker than others, consider adding a rug to protect them. Some lightweight rugs can even go in the washing machine, making it incredibly easy to keep them clean and fresh. You can also hang most rugs over a washing line, meaning it is easy to dry them if you find yourself needing to wash them with water. There are also hard-wearing rugs that look just like regular rugs yet are made from tough, water-resistant fibres that can be scrubbed far harder than most carpets. These will be much easier to clean than a more delicate carpet in the event of heavy staining.

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