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Hotel Carpet Installation Manchester

If you’re looking for hotel carpet fitters in Manchester, you look no further than Carpet Design and Flooring. Installing commercial flooring and laying carpets is a highly skilled job and an inadequate finish from someone lacking in the relevant experience and knowledge sticks out like a sore thumb.

This not only detracts from the appearance of your business premises, but it can also be a health and safety risk if the flooring causes people to trip or slip. Needless to say, this should be avoided at all costs and it’s vital that any commercial premises are floored and carpeted by professionals. Choosing the best flooring or carpet for separate parts of your Manchester based hotel can be difficult without experience.

Various parts of the premises have very different requirements when it comes to flooring. Bedrooms, for example, might require luxurious, deep-pile carpets, while a conference or function room might need something more hardwearing or corporate. Hotel corridors might require a different style again; something that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the constant wheeling of heavy suitcases. Then there are the busiest parts of the premises, such as the foyer. This also has to deal with outside debris and dirt being trodden in by guests, visitors and staff.

Even after you’ve decided on the flooring, you are faced with the process of installing or laying it. If your business is open as usual throughout the flooring project, you will need to take into account which parts of the hotel will be off-limits to guests for the duration of the project, as well as taking the relevant health and safety precautions. This all adds up to make a complex, stressful and time-consuming job, which is where an expert in hotel flooring installation in Manchester such as Carpet Design and Flooring comes in.

Hotel flooring installation in Manchester

Our expert team completely understands that you probably won’t be able to close down the entire hotel while new flooring is installed. It’s often necessary to lay new carpets around everyday business activity. In the case of a hotel, this can be particularly complicated, as there are various customers and visitors to take into account, as well as regular staff. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Carpet Design and Flooring team have a vast amount of experience of managing flooring projects in these and similar circumstances.

Our team offers a project management service to make sure that the entire process runs smoothly from beginning to end. This means that you won’t have to worry about the logistics of taking delivery of your new flooring or the health and safety aspects of the project. Carpet Design and Flooring’s expert team will manage every aspect of the job for you, freeing you up to deal with the everyday running of the business.

Hotel carpet fitters in Manchester

While there may be plenty of reputable hotel carpet fitters in Manchester, this is a city on the up, with new commercial projects and redevelopments being announced every week. Finding a reliable team of flooring installation experts, particularly at short notice can be difficult. Using Carpet Design and Flooring for your hotel flooring installation in Manchester will save you time, hassle and money as we’ll take care of the entire job for you.

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