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Hotel Carpet Manchester

Carpet Design and Flooring is a leading supplier of hotel carpets and flooring throughout the north-west region. We specialise in providing hotel flooring in Manchester, together with hotel carpets in Manchester for period and contemporary hotels alike. With many years of experience working with hotels of all sizes and classes, our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team here at Carpet Design and Flooring will be able to help you complete your property to the highest possible standard and within budget.

Hotels have many varied flooring requirements, with the heavy foot traffic of an entrance foyer needing far more durable flooring than a bedroom, for example. Carpet Design and Flooring can help you to select and to fit the perfect hotel carpets in Manchester.

Whether front of house or in staff areas, we can supply and fit hotel flooring in Manchester for every part of your premises. Carpet Design and Flooring also provide a bespoke project management service and will oversee every aspect of the flooring fitting and installation if required, saving you the headache of dealing with multiple contractors and tradespeople.

Hotel Flooring in Manchester

It can be overwhelming just thinking about all the different types of flooring you need in a single hotel. Each area of the premises requires a unique flooring solution that will be up to the wear and tear of a busy establishment. Ease of cleaning and a high level of durability are, of course, important, but your flooring needs to look good, too. This is where Carpet Design and Flooring come in.

If you’re not sure what type of flooring is best for, say, a busy function room, we can help you select something that looks attractive but won’t show stains or signs of wear and tear within a few months. Weddings, parties, functions and other events can take their toll on your flooring, so you’ll need something hard-wearing but also something that appeals aesthetically to the clients booking your room. Our team at Carpet Design and Flooring have many years of experience in supplying and fitting flooring for establishments just look yours and will be happy to help.

Hotel Carpets in Manchester

Carpet is the ultimate finish to any hotel room. It not only provides a warm, welcoming ambience, but it also helps to muffle sounds, eliminating a lot of the noise of guests in adjoining rooms or on the floor above. Carpet also keeps rooms warmer in the colder months, ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable stay.

We have a huge array of carpets in different piles, styles, patterns and colours. If you run a traditional hotel and favour classic design, you’ll have no trouble finding something in keeping with the style of your hotel. Alternatively, if you want to make a statement with your carpeting, you’ll find a wide range of contemporary shades and designs.

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