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Carpet Design and Flooring is a leading retailer of high quality carpet and flooring in Liverpool. We have over twenty years’ experience helping both businesses and homeowners to transform their spaces with premium flooring at competitive prices.

Enjoy Superior Service from a First-Class Flooring Supplier in Liverpool

We are a family run business dedicated to delivering superior customer service. Customers can tap into the wealth of expertise our knowledgeable showroom team have built and refined over the years to progress through the sometimes tricky process of selecting the best flooring for your needs.

From browsing samples to discussing the different materials used in the exceptional flooring solutions we supply, we are ready to give you the support and advice you need to make the best choices for your home or business. In addition to discussing your needs with our experienced team, we also offer free estimates and a professional fitting service designed to ensure that every step of the process progresses smoothly and seamlessly.

We are a Leading Retailer of Beautiful Carpets in Liverpool

We pride ourselves on offering one of the most extensive selections of high-quality carpets in Liverpool and the north west of England. We have seen many trends come and go in the blink of an eye, which is why we ensure that only the highest quality carpets and flooring ever make it into our warehouse and showroom.

From cut pile carpets that deliver an ultra-luxurious feel to hard-wearing tufted carpets, our extensive collection has an ideal solution to suit all lifestyles and spaces. As the premium stockist and supplier of flooring and carpets in Liverpool, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our showroom to find out how we can help you to transform the look and feel of your home.

Explore one of the Most Extensive Ranges of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring in Liverpool

Laminate flooring solutions have soared in popularity as they are a hard-wearing and highly practical choice for many modern homes. With a clean look that can help to bounce light around a room, laminate flooring can suit a range of spaces including home offices, living rooms, kitchens and hallways.

We are also a leading stockist of vinyl flooring in Liverpool as this easy to clean, non-slip flooring solution is ideally suited to bathrooms and kitchens. With a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes to choose from, our team can help you to select a solution that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Looking for Commercial Carpet, Laminate and Vinyl Flooring in Liverpool? We can help!

In addition to being one of the leading stockists of residential carpets, vinyl and laminate flooring in Liverpool, we also offer an extensive range of commercial and industrial flooring solutions that are ideally suited to a variety of businesses, schools, hospitals, retail premises and hotels.

Since we know that you only have one opportunity to make the right first impression, we offer a specialist hotel flooring service to help you make the right finishing touches for your business. From selecting a style that suits the ambience of your hotel to ensuring that it will deliver the level of durability required, we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

We are proud to only stock commercial and domestic flooring solutions from the most trusted manufacturers, including Cormar Carpet, Quickstep Flooring and Karndean Flooring. So, whether you want to refresh your home with a plush new carpet or ensure that your business is finished with a hard-wearing laminate floor, our experienced team will be on hand to help you make the ideal choice for your space.

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