Bedroom flooring – does it have to be carpet?

Date posted: 14/12/23

There is no denying that carpet is a great choice for bedroom flooring. Warm and cosy, carpet can create a comforting space that is conducive to sleep. But it is really a myth that bedrooms must be carpeted. In fact, there are many reasons why vinyl flooring could be the best choice for your bedroom flooring.

Perfect for children

If you have kids, you understand the importance of your flooring being easy to clean. Anywhere where children play is prone to mess. Spillages are easier to clean up on vinyl flooring. If you choose vinyl flooring for a child’s bedroom, you can soften the space with a selection of cosy rugs and floor pillows to keep it comfortable yet practical.

It suits allergy sufferers

If you suffer from allergies, including hay fever, then vinyl flooring might be a better choice for your bedroom flooring. Carpet has fibres that can hold on to allergens such as dust and pollen, which can make life difficult for allergy sufferers. Vinyl flooring can be mopped or wiped with a wet cloth, helping to remove allergens. We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, so ensuring your sleep environment is not triggering your allergies is vitally important.

It is surprisingly warm

Tell people you’re laying vinyl flooring in your bedroom, and you’ll likely hear it will be terribly cold. Laminate flooring can seem cold to the touch, but vinyl has great thermal properties. You can also choose different underlays for your vinyl flooring, which can help boost warmth, comfort and provide noise reduction.

You can make it cosy

Many argue that carpets in the bedroom are necessary for warmth and cosiness. But it’s easy to make a bedroom with vinyl flooring cosy too. A large area rug placed under the bed can help make the room cosier while allowing you to get the benefits of vinyl flooring, including ease of cleaning. You can also focus on the fabrics and texture used elsewhere in the bedroom to help build a cosy bedroom scheme.

It may suit your home style better

There are some home styles that are just better suited to a hard floor. For example, vinyl flooring can be used to help you capture a mid-century modern style in your room far better than a carpet. In addition, vinyl comes in such a wide array of styles and colours that adding it to your bedroom opens up a huge array of décor options.