Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Child’s Bedroom

Date posted: 30/10/15

Even with the huge popularity of wooden and laminate flooring these days, carpet remains a great choice for a child’s bedroom. It’s soft, warm and comfortable, and provides a little padding when they (inevitably) fall over during play. It’s also comfortable to sit on, a huge plus point given that small children spend the majority of their time playing on the floor! It also means any dropped toys are less likely to break and provides warmth during the colder months. Another advantage of carpet is that it muffles noise, putting an end to the sound of dropped toys clattering across a hard floor and the loud stomping of little feet.

Choosing the right colour

It’s important to get the colour right, as anything too light will quickly show up dirt and spills, no matter how careful you tell your children to be! Nothing looks more dated and unappealing than a dirty, stained carpet and very often the only option is to get it professionally cleaned or to replace it altogether. To avoid this, choose a colour that won’t show up every little stain or mark. Don’t worry about choosing a carpet to match the decor – it just needs to complement it. Mid-toned neutrals are great and won’t clash with other soft furnishings.

Choosing the carpet pile

One of the reasons that carpets have become less popular in recent years is the fact that people believe laminated or wooden floors are more hygienic and less likely to lead to a build-up of the household dust that can trigger allergies. While it’s true that certain types of carpets can trap dust, this is less of an issue with very dense carpets. With these carpets, dust and dirt is largely restricted to the carpet’s surface, and can be easily removed with vacuuming. If your child is sensitive to dust or has allergies, it goes without saying that you should vacuum regularly and try to prevent allergens such as pollen from entering the room. Tightly woven carpets made from nylon are a great choice for children’s rooms as they do not attract dust.

Patterned or plain?

Although your child might be impressed by the range of colourful and fun patterns on the market, bear in mind that tiny toy pieces will be difficult to spot against heavily patterned carpets. This goes for both when your child has lost a minuscule but vital component of a much-loved toy, and when you’re tidying and vacuuming! Plain carpets might be less effective at disguising faint stains, but can help make tidying and play time less stressful.