Choosing the right colour carpet for any room

Date posted: 15/08/22

When it comes to choosing the right colour carpet for any room in your home, there are a few things to consider. Perhaps the most important point is that there isn’t a right or wrong colour – your home should reflect your personality, taste and style, so what is perfect for you might not be appealing to someone else. There are a few things to bear in mind, however, that will help you to get your room looking how you want it.

Consider the natural light

Is your room bright and full of natural daylight all day long? If so, lucky you – this gives you much more scope when choosing colours. Opt for a light shade or something darker and you will still have a lovely brightly lit space. On the other hand, darker rooms, such as those that face south or don’t get a lot of natural daylight for other reasons, can feel gloomy if you install dark or heavily patterned carpets. Of course, if you are aiming to create a dimly lit and cosy space, you can use the lack of natural light to add to the snug atmosphere and a darker carpet can work wonders. If you want to make a dark room feel larger and lighter, however, a light colour will provide an instant boost.

Do you want to make a small space feel larger?

Small rooms can look very striking and cosy with dark or statement carpets. This can work particularly well in box rooms or studies; however, if you want to make a small room feel larger, lighter colours will help. Natural fibres such as jute or seagrass can offer a kind of halfway house, as they are not overly light but can work well in small spaces where you want to add character without making the room feel smaller.

How much foot traffic does the room get?

This is an important one, as wear and tear from heavy use can age a carpet quite dramatically. Stairs are a particularly busy area of the home and as we tend to place our feet in the same spot every time we use the stairs, grubby marks can quickly appear on lighter carpets. Mid to dark tones are a great choice for stair carpets and are much more forgiving than colours such as cream. You might think that you can get away with lighter colours on the stairs if everyone removes their shoes when entering your home; however, our feet pick up dirt over time, so this isn’t a guarantee.