Cut pile carpet: is it the best option for my home?

Date posted: 23/11/23

Carpet is the flooring choice that never goes out of fashion. While vinyl and laminate floors are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking your feet into a luxurious carpet while relaxing in the lounge or bedroom. When choosing a new carpet, there are many big decisions to be made, but one of the first is what type of carpet to opt for: cut pile, tufted or woven? Carpet Design and Flooring have outstanding experience and knowledge covering all types of carpets. Here is the low down on cut pile carpet and why it might be suited to your home.

What is cut pile carpet?

Cut pile carpet is made by cutting the loops of a traditional looped carpet. This means the piles stand up straight rather than looping round, creating a soft and luxurious feeling carpet. It is different to tufted carpet, which has pieces of yarn poking through a synthetic backing, and woven carpet, which is made on a traditional loom.

What are the benefits of cut pile carpet?

In addition to being soft and luxurious, cut pile carpet manages to be durable, too, as the material used is often quite dense. Overall, it should be able to stand up well to the rigours of everyday life. Cut pile carpet is typically easy to maintain and vacuums well. There is also an excellent selection of cut pile carpets available, including the soft and cosy Saxony, thick and textured Frieze and short-fibred Plush carpets which give a real feeling of luxury.

What rooms are cut pile carpet best suited to?

Where cut pile carpet is best used in the home depends on which style of cut pile you select. Generally, cut pile carpet can be used all around the home. Saxony styles usually have longer yarns and high-quality materials and so are not only super soft but also durable, ensuring they can be used all around the home. Frieze cut pile carpets work really hard and, because they are thick and textured, can hide dirt well. This means they are ideal for homes with pets and can withstand high traffic areas such as hallways and landings. Plush carpet is soft and cosy, perfect for the bedroom, although it may not be quite so well suited to high traffic spaces as wear and tear may become more visible.

Why not explore all the cut pile carpet options on offer at Carpet Design and Flooring or contact our experts for help or advice?