Getting the best carpet for your stairs

Date posted: 17/08/20

The stairs in our homes have to put up with a lot of wear and tear, so it is important to choose the right carpet. Safety must also be a consideration, so certain types of carpet won’t ever be suitable for household stairs. If you have pets, as so many homes do, you also have to factor in the effect of sharp claws. This short guide will help you to narrow down the best carpet choices for your stairs.

Choose short-pile carpets

Ideally, you want a carpet with a pile of no more than three-quarters of an inch, which results in a tough and stable cut pile carpet that is firm under your feet. Longer piles might look and feel more luxurious, but this isn’t what you want on a staircase – save those plush carpets for your bedroom or living areas! The best stair carpet is also dense and appears tightly woven when you part it with your fingers.

Opt for darker colours or patterns

Patterned carpets are very forgiving of small stains or patches that become darker over time due to constant footfall. If you are not keen on patterns, go for a mid to dark shade. Light carpets might be appealing, especially if your staircase and landing area don’t get much natural light and you want to brighten them, but they will show every bit of dirt. You have probably noticed that when you walk up and down the stairs, your feet tend to land in the same spots every time. Even if you try to avoid wearing shoes indoors, you will notice over time that the stairs become grubby-looking in the areas where most people’s feet land. A darker carpet will disguise this and will look new for far longer.

Get it professionally fitted

Fitting stair carpet can be a time-consuming and stressful job if you are not experienced. It can be hard to get a neat finish, which not only looks bad but can also create a tripping hazard. Even if you are comfortable laying a carpet in a regular room, stair carpets are best left to the experts. You will get a professional finish that looks good, is safer, and will last longer.

The carpets we sell will state whether they are suitable for stairs. If you require any further information or advice about which of our carpets are best for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.