Give your home a makeover with patterned carpets or rugs

Date posted: 23/12/15

If your living room could do with a burst of colour, a patterned carpet or rug is an easy and affordable way in which to instantly lift the whole space. The Quirky B collection from Alternative Flooring is an exciting range of carpeting and rugs guaranteed to add a touch of style to any home. With a focus on eye-catching geometric patterns in a range of attractive shades, Quirky B brings a contemporary edge to your room.

Using a palette of aesthetically pleasing colours, such as muted blues, greens and greys, the Quirky B range will not jar with existing neutral decor or furnishings, but will instantly reinvigorate your living space. These high quality Axminster carpets are manufactured in the UK and are suitable for use in most rooms in the home. The idea for the funky range of broadloom carpets came about when the Quirky B team realised how popular their patterned rugs and runners were and took the decision to expand their collection by including a collection of carpets in the same attractive and fashionable designs.

If you’re unsure about adding a patterned carpet to your living or dining room, a great way to begin experimenting with pattern is to start in a smaller space. A small study or hallway is a great place to begin, and you’ll be able to see the difference a patterned carpet can make to a previously plain or boring room. The Quirky B patterned carpet range is suitable for stairs, too, so can bring colour and life to an often neglected space.

Quirky B also still produce their popular rugs and runners, so if you’d like to add interest to a hallway or any other room, a patterned rug makes an excellent focal point. The muted shades in the range complement a variety of home decor styles and colours, so there’s something for every taste. And, you’re not stuck with standard sizes either. Quirky B allows you to choose a custom size for your rug or runner, which means that you can get something that suits the available space perfectly. All you need to do is measure up your room, decide how much of the floor you’d like your new rug to cover, and Quirky B will take care of the rest. In a few short weeks, you’ll be the proud owner of your very own bespoke rug or runner.