How to Choose a New Carpet for Your Stairs

Date posted: 28/04/22

The carpet on our stairs suffers probably the most wear and tear of any flooring in the home with constant foot traffic on a relatively small space. It also needs to be able to cope with dirt and debris well, from shoes and grubby paws – if you have pets! For this reason, it’s important to choose the right carpet for the stairs. You need something that can withstand heavy traffic and that also provides a safe surface suitable for stairs. Here we take a look at some of the best types of carpets for your staircase and what you should take into account when choosing.

Which Fibre Is Best?

Synthetic nylon is a great choice for stair carpets because it is strong, durable and hard-wearing. Wool is another good option because it can repel stains and dirt. It is often a more expensive option, but the price needs to be balanced out against how long your carpet will last for. Another popular choice for stairs, Berber carpets feature a looped pile that can withstand heavy foot traffic. If you’re working to a strict budget, nylon might be the best option, and you’ll find a huge variety of styles and colours to complement your hallway decor.

Consider Patterned Carpet

While you might have your heart set on a stunning cream carpet to brighten up your hallways and landing, this might not be the best choice in a busy home. Dirt will show quickly, and you might find your light-coloured carpet needs a lot of TLC to keep it looking its best. While dark colours will not show dirt and wear and tear less, a patterned carpet is a great option if you still want lighter colours. Stripes, for example, will disguise dirt and wear well, and you can still choose a carpet with lighter colours in it.

Don’t Go Too Thick

You might love the idea of a thick, bouncy carpet on the stairs, but carpets that are too thick are difficult to lay on stairs. The carpet has to be fitted very closely to the nose of each stair in order to provide a safe – and attractive – finish.

Trust the Manufacturer

When choosing a new carpet, it’s vital you check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Look for a carpet that is labelled as being suitable for use on stairs. This will indicate that it is durable enough to withstand the heavy wear and tear a stair carpet will be subjected to as well as letting you know that it is a safe option.