How You Can Prepare a Room for a New Carpet

Date posted: 28/05/24

Summer is a great time to refresh your home with a fresh lick of paint, updated curtains, a feature furniture piece or a new carpet. There are several things you can do to prepare your home for a new carpet and to ensure that the installation process is quick and stress-free.

Get All the Paintwork Finished

Before you have a new carpet laid, it is vitally important to finish all the messy painting jobs first. The last thing you want on a fresh carpet is specks or even spillages of paint, and it can be impossible to get a neat finish on the skirting boards if you have a fluffy new carpet to contend with. When the new carpet is installed, there is a small risk that paintwork can get chipped or damaged in the process, but it is much easier to touch up a bit of paintwork than contend with spilt paint and carpet cleaning.

Clear and Clean Your Furniture

It is also important to move all your furniture out of the room before your carpet installation date to make the fitting easier. This can be difficult if the furniture pieces are heavy, so you may have to leave them in situ if you can’t move them. Make sure you discuss this with the fitter when ordering the carpet so they can work around the furniture or see if they are prepared to move it when they arrive. Also use this time to have a good clean of your furniture, especially if you have been doing lots of dust-creating decorating. Hoover around the bases and legs and wash them down with some warm, soapy water so they are fresh, clean and ready to be placed on your new carpet.

Will Your Doors Need Adjusting?

You may find that the new carpet is much thicker than your old floor covering. Carpets can wear down over time, and they are usually more dense than laminate or wooden floors so your doors may not be able to move freely over them. Carpet fitters will often remove doors to aid the fitting process but they may not rehang them or trim them if needed. Check with your fitting company to see if this is part of their service, otherwise, you may have to hire a tradesperson or carry out a bit of DIY to get the doors swinging and closing correctly.