Is carpet flooring a family-friendly option?

Date posted: 05/04/23

People with children and pets will know – family life can take its toll on your flooring. Many a new wooden floor has seen dents, scratches, and stains. And back in the day, carpets often bore the brunt too, staining easily or literally collapsing under the pressure and looking trampled and messy.

Modern carpets are very different. Did you know they are actually the preferred option for many families, particularly those with smaller children? Below are a few reasons why carpets are an excellent family-friendly flooring choice.

  • They are soft: Contemporary carpet flooring is super soft and comes in a choice of pile, with longer fibres often being the preferred option for bedrooms. Shorter pile carpets and rugs are often chosen for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. These are still soft on your feet and offer great cushioning for the smallest crawlers and walkers.
  • They are stain-resistant: Carpets come in a range of materials. We offer everything from 100% wool luxury varieties to artificial blends. The latter, in particular, offer superior stain resistance while being surprisingly budget-friendly. In fact, not only are many carpets stain resistant, but they are easy to clean, even without expensive machinery.
  • They’re a great budget choice: Modern carpets are generally cheaper to fit than wooden or laminate flooring, depending on which carpet you end up choosing. Therefore, even if you were to decide to swap your carpeting for laminate or a different surface once the kids are out of that messiest of stages, it won’t be too hard on the wallet.
  • They’re hypoallergenic: All carpets are hypoallergenic, although some materials offer superior protection for allergy-sufferers. Wool is naturally great at keeping allergens at bay, while also absorbing airborne contaminants such as cooking fumes, cleaning chemicals, spray deodorants, and even smoke. This makes carpet a great option for those worried about allergens affecting family members.
  • They’re quiet: If you’ve ever tried to leave a room with a sleeping baby in it and accidentally trodden on a squeaky floorboard, you’ll appreciate carpets! Carpet flooring is quieter, making it easier to tip-toe out of that nursery at 2am than with its noisier counterparts. To top it off, carpet is also warmer on your feet, so you’ll not be heading back to your own bed with frozen toes.

Will you be installing carpets? At Carpet Design & Flooring Liverpool, we offer a range of carpets that offer all of the above advantages and more – whether you have children or just want them for yourself.