Quick tips for removing stains from carpet

Date posted: 26/05/16

Despite the huge influx of laminates onto the market in the past couple of decades, carpets are still extremely popular floor coverings for UK homeowners, with most homes having carpet in at least some rooms. No matter how careful you are, accidents will always happen and sooner or later you will be faced with the problem of staining on your treasured carpet. The exact treatment required will depend on both the type of substance that caused the stain and the type of carpet you have; however, the following tips will help ensure you don’t damage your carpet. Bear them in mind next time you need to urgently clean up a spillage.

Always test

Before you tackle the stain, always do a small patch test with the detergent you are using. Choose a small and inconspicuous area; for example, move a sofa out of its usual position and test a small patch under where it usually sits. Once you are confident that the detergent is suitable for your carpet and won’t cause any fading or other damage, you can move on to the actual stained area.

Always follow instructions

Never be tempted to think you know best and ignore the instructions provided by the carpet manufacturer or the detergent manufacturer. Always read the instructions thoroughly before starting work, even if you have previously used the detergent on another carpet. Following the directions will get you the best results and will limit the risk of damage to your carpet. Never use any product that has not been specially formulated for use on carpets and don’t be tempted to use regular household cleaning products thinking it will be better than doing nothing, as you will run the risk of damaging your carpet.

Work from the outside in

Always start cleaning at the edge of the stain to prevent it spreading. Start at the outer edges and gradually work your way in to the centre. Don’t be tempted to start at the part that looks the most heavily stained or most badly affected, unless this happens to be at the edge of the stain.

Blot, don’t scrub

When faced with a tough stain, it is often tempting to scrub away at it in an attempt to shift it. When cleaning carpets, however, blotting is the best option. It might seem as if it is going to take a little longer, but harsh scrubbing or rubbing can cause fading and permanent damage to the carpet pile. Always blot or gently scrape up as much of the spillage as you can before starting work with your detergent.