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The best carpets for homes with pets

While many pet owners opt for laminate or vinyl flooring, making it easier to wipe up muddy paw prints, others prefer carpet and don’t want to compromise. While smooth flooring is better for allergy sufferers, as there is nowhere for pesky dander or pet hair to become trapped, there is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy to luxurious softness of carpet in any room you like if allergies are not an issue for anyone in your home.

It goes without saying, however, that some carpets are more practical for homes with pets. Cats in particular – but also dogs – can easily get their claws stuck in some types of carpet, not only causing distress to them but also possibly damaging your new flooring beyond repair; therefore, what is the best type of carpet for homes with pets?

Cut pile carpets

You might love the look of loop pile carpets; however, they do not mix well with pets – especially cats. It is very easy for sharp claws to grab onto a loop, pulling it out and causing unattractive tufts all over your carpet. Cats also love any textured surface they can scratch and dig their claws into while they have a good post-nap stretch, with loop pile carpets unfortunately perfect for this. Cut pile carpets are a far more attractive choice for homes with pets, with much less for little claws to grab onto or get stuck on.

It is also a good idea to provide a designated scratching mat in any room with a new carpet. If you see your cat or dog scratching or otherwise becoming very interested in the new carpet, move him or her onto a mat you have bought especially for them and encourage them to do any scratching there instead.

Choosing the right colour

Lighter carpets are best avoided in rooms in which your pets spend a lot of time. Not only will muddy paw prints show up instantly but also loose cat or dog hair will be extremely visible. Even if you vacuum every day, you will never be able to keep the carpet looking pristine. Darker shades or patterned carpets will hide a multitude of sins and will enable you – and your pets – to relax in your home.

If you have your heart set on something light, check out some blended designs that use different colours scattered throughout. You will get the lightness you want, but with speckles of other colours to disguise any hair or dust.

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