The lowdown on patterned carpets

Date posted: 14/02/19

Patterned carpets have come back into fashion with a bang over the past couple of years. Designs that just a few years ago would have been seen as too busy are now flying out of flooring stores as homeowners attempt to add more personality to their decor. Although patterned carpets can work in any room of the home, they are particularly well-suited to hallways, stairs and landings, where there are often minimal furnishings for them to clash with.

Statement carpets

These have become increasingly popular and there is no sign of them falling out of favour any time soon. Statement carpets, such as those with bold or unusual patterns or colours, are ideal for smaller rooms, such as hallways or home offices. You can be far more adventurous with your flooring choices in a small room and a statement carpet can even be the main design feature of your decor. Statement carpets work well with plain walls in a complementary colour and minimal furniture for a fun, contemporary feel.

Classic patterns

Traditional patterned carpets work very well in period homes, particularly on stairs and landings. They do not tend to work as well in modern homes, so it is a good idea to avoid classic styles in newer properties. Persian-inspired designs are a timeless choice for a luxurious and tasteful finish. Be sure to check that your chosen carpet is recommended for the area in which you are planning to lay it; for example, you will need something that can cope with heavy wear and tear if it is for the stairs or a hallway.


When browsing carpets, you will find a whole host of striped options in all the colours under the sun. Striped carpet has a modern feel and works well in modern and period properties alike. It is important to think about the direction you lay the carpet in when working with stripes. Striped carpet can make a narrow room appear wider if the stripes run between the narrowest points; however, if laid in the wrong direction, stripes can make spaces feel smaller than they are. Striped carpets look great laid on stairs and give an instant and modern boost to your hallway.

Large patterns

Big, bold patterns work well in spacious rooms. They draw the whole space together and can help to make large rooms feel cosier and more welcoming. While a large print pattern might seem too big for a smaller room, some such patterns can work well as statement flooring, as discussed earlier.