What is your carpet style?

Date posted: 01/02/22

Are you in the market for a new carpet but confused by the different terms and weaves? Here is a simple guide to the most common carpet types to help you choose.

Twist pile carpet

This is basically what it sounds like – the carpet pile is twisted to produce a textured finish that is great if you want a more rustic, homely vibe. These carpets are hardwearing and work well in busy rooms of the home. They are available in a wide range of colours, including solid shades and heathered finishes that create a subtle flecked appearance to break up the base colour. Twist pile carpets are extremely popular and are a practical choice that also looks great.

Loop pile carpet

This carpet also offers a textured finish with the additional benefit of being extremely hardwearing. Loop pile carpets are perfect for all rooms in the house, especially high-traffic areas such as hallways and landings. The nature of the pile means that this type of carpet is great for disguising foot tracks, which are the flattened patches of carpet that can appear on the busiest thoroughfares in your home such as the stairs. Loop pile carpets are great for eliminating foot tracks and look attractive too.

Saxony carpet

One of the most luxurious carpets, the Saxony is made up of twisted fibres that stand upright for a soft, cushioned feeling underfoot. These carpets are dense, making them perfect for most rooms, especially those where you might often be walking barefoot. Saxony carpets are available in a huge variety of colours, meaning they will fit in with any decor.

Woven carpet

The ultimate traditional carpet style, woven carpets have been around for hundreds of years and remain popular today. They are often made from pure wool or a combination of wool and synthetic fibres, giving them excellent longevity. Rather than cheaper carpets that have the pattern simply printed onto the surface, the pattern is woven into the carpet. Traditionally, woven carpets consist of deep, rich colours, making them perfect for traditional or period homes. Woven carpets are known for their ability to bounce back after being stood on or having furniture placed on them.

Tufted carpet

This type of carpet involves the fibres being pulled through a base, either by hand or machine. This is a highly durable carpet and is great for most rooms of the home. You will also find this method used in the manufacture of rugs. Tufted carpets are dyed after the fibres have been added and you will find them in an endless array of colours and tones.