Why you should choose a woven carpet

Date posted: 06/01/21

With so many different types of carpet available, it can be difficult to know which is best for your home. You might think you can’t even tell the various types of carpet apart, which is why it always pays to do a little research before choosing a new floor covering for your home. Today, we are going to talk about woven carpets and outline some of the qualities and advantages of this type of flooring.

What is a woven carpet?

Firstly, let’s talk about what a woven carpet actually is. Basically, it is a carpet made using a loom and can consist of many different yarn colours. Looms can be used to create stunningly beautiful and intricate carpets in a wide variety of patterns. You might have heard of well-known carpet brands such as Wilton and Axminster, which are famous for their high-quality woven carpets. Carpets have been produced using the woven technique for over 200 years, proving what a reliable method this is.

A touch of luxury

One of the reasons woven carpets are so popular is that they bring a touch of luxury and quality to the home. The finish of an expertly woven carpet is second to none, so woven carpets can make a real statement in any room. Woven carpets are generally manufactured using pure wool or a combination of wool and synthetic fibres, meaning they have a luxurious finish. With a woven carpet, the pattern is woven into the carpet rather than printed on top. This gives a far superior look and often allows richer and deeper colours to be used.

Comfort underfoot

Woven carpets are wonderful to walk on – they are comfortable and warm, even in winter. The fact that woven carpets usually consist of all or mostly wool makes them uniquely warm and soft to walk on in bare feet. They are perfect for most rooms in the homes, especially bedrooms and living rooms where warmth and comfort are paramount. Used with the right underlay, they can help you to keep cooler rooms warm and comfortable all year round.


Woven carpets are built to last – with the proper care and attention, a woven carpet can look brand-new for years and years. Woven carpets feature a stronger construction than most other types of carpet, so can withstand a lot of wear and tear.