Choosing the best flooring for your retail business

Date posted: 20/06/16

If you own or run a retail establishment, you will no doubt be aware how important it is to choose the right type of flooring. Different premises have very different requirements; however, above all, retail flooring must be hardwearing, easy to clean, and it must look good even after heavy foot traffic.

Vinyl flooring

Heavy-duty vinyl is a very popular choice for retail businesses. It is generally more affordable than other coverings, although high-end products will cost more. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. As it is available in an almost limitless variety of colours, designs, styles and textures, there is something to suit every business type. Textured vinyl is particularly useful for providing a non-slip surface, which is a bonus if your shop is located right on the street and wet weather tends to make your floor slippery.

Tiled flooring

Tiles are another popular retail floor covering. Although they are more expensive than vinyl, they are more hardwearing and will not scratch or damage easily. The main disadvantages of tiles – alongside cost – are that they can be very slippery, especially in the case of spills or other water on the surface, and they can be cracked if a heavy or sharp item is dropped on the floor; however, tiles are easy to keep clean and individual cracked or damaged tiles can be replaced relatively easily. Maintained properly, tiles can last for many, many years and can help to give your retail business a high-end finish.

Wood or laminate

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for retail establishments, especially where the desired look is timeless or traditional. As wood can be purchased in so many shades and finishes, it is possible to achieve anything from a classic, deep mahogany polished floor to a contemporary light oak finish. Wood can be damaged by certain types of footwear or by bits of dirt or gravel walked in from the street; however, it is the timeless choice for many businesses.

Laminates are cheaper and can often perfectly replicate the appearance of hardwood. Depending on the level of business your retail premises experiences, however, not all laminates will be suitable for your requirements. Make sure any laminates you choose are up to the demands of your retail establishment. Laminates are easy to maintain and keep clean and are a more affordable option than hardwood.