Choosing the perfect flooring for your office

Date posted: 18/02/16

With so many options available, here are a few things to bear in mind when selecting flooring for your office:


No matter what the average flow of foot traffic through your office, you will want something durable that will stand up to everyday use and can cope with regular cleaning. In an extremely busy office, especially one with frequent visitors, you might feel that a hardwearing flooring such as vinyl is your best option. It is also important to think about any particular areas that have heavier traffic than the rest of the office; for example, if your office entrance has a busy waiting area with frequent visitors, using different flooring in this section can help to protect the floor and also clearly signal where visitors should remain. For smaller sections where you are concerned about heavy wear and tear, heavy-duty mats or rugs can work. If you are committed to the idea of carpet for your office flooring, it is worth thinking about any areas that might be subject to regular spillages, such as around vending or drinks machines. Installing protective mats in these areas can prevent stains on your carpet.


Carpet is a popular choice for offices, as it muffles sound and provides a softer surface for feet. Wooden or tiled floors might present the professional or contemporary image you are after; however, they can be very noisy in busy offices. Think about whether image or staff comfort is ultimately more important. If you decide to opt for a hard floor covering, ask your supplier about special underlay that can help to muffle sound.

Cleaning and maintenance

If your office is cleaned every day, check that the cleaning staff know the best way to care for different types of flooring. If you are located in a large building and use the same cleaning staff as other businesses, you might find they have a tendency to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach that isn’t suitable for certain areas of your office. While mopping might be the best option for tiles or vinyl, mopping wood or laminate can lead to warping or water damage. Make sure you take advice from the flooring manufacturer or supplier and ensure your cleaning team has the right tools for the job.

While vinyl or tiles are a good, easy-to-clean and hardwearing option, carpet tiles are an extremely popular floor covering for offices if you prefer the look and feel of carpet. One main advantage is that if one tile is stained or damaged, it is easy to remove and replace it.