Get creative with retail flooring

Date posted: 24/01/19

When selecting new flooring for your retail or commercial premises, you probably place a lot of importance on functionality and durability. While this is a sensible approach, playing around with colour and layout can really make your business stand out and improve the experience of your customers. Here are just a few ways in which you can really make your flooring work for your business.

Lay out paths

Customers like having a clear sense of direction, even if they sometimes veer off course. One way of laying out a clear path for customers to follow is via your flooring. Use different colours to separate different sections of your premises or lay out a clear path through your store in a different colour to the rest of the flooring. Customers might not even be aware they are following a path, but this is a great way to direct customer flow exactly where you want it.

Choose colours wisely

If your business is design-led, think about the colours that work best with your fittings and the products you sell. A dull, uninspiring floor in a neutral colour might seem like a practical and safe option; however, playing with colours can really lift your whole space. With the huge variety of colours available in vinyl, for example, it is possible to choose just about any colour you like. Do you want your space to be cool and contemporary, warm and welcoming, or soothing and relaxing? The colours you choose can play a huge part in the overall feel of your premises and can really make a difference to how your customers feel when entering.

Separate areas with flooring

Depending on the size of your business, you might have several different departments or smaller sections that display and sell different products. Using different colours or patterns can help to segregate these areas and create clearly-defined and distinct spaces. You might even choose to have different flooring altogether in different parts of your business; for example, a homewares store selling furniture and accessories might choose heavy-duty commercial use laminate flooring for the majority of the store and a contrasting thick, luxurious carpet in the part of the business that displays high-end accessories or luxury items.

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