How to choose the right office flooring

Date posted: 12/04/16

If your office flooring is looking a little worse for wear, you might be wondering how to go about selecting a replacement. Here are a few factors you will need to consider when weighing up the options.

Level of traffic

If your offices, or at least certain parts of your offices, experience heavy foot traffic, you will need to ensure you select flooring that is durable enough to cope. Very high traffic areas of commercial buildings, such as foyers and busy corridors, are often best served by hard flooring that can withstand heavy wear and tear; however, this is not necessary in most regular offices. If your office does experience a high number of visitors, however, or is open to members of the public, carpet is probably not the best choice, as it is more susceptible to damage and staining. This is particularly important in offices where there is a lot of foot traffic coming in from outdoors.

Ease of maintenance

It is important to take maintenance and upkeep into consideration. Who does your office cleaning? Is it an in-house cleaner or do you outsource? Before choosing your new flooring, check how easy it is to keep clean and maintain, and ensure this won’t pose a problem for your cleaning or caretaking team. Also think about how easy repairs will be if they are ever needed. Carpet tiles, for example, are easy to deal with – it is simply a matter of removing the affected tile and replacing it with a new one if one tile is damaged or stained. Damaged wood flooring, however, might need sanding down and re-varnishing, which is a more specialised and time-consuming job.

Budget considerations

Although you will need to keep your budget in mind, choosing cheaper options can be a false economy. If your business is likely to remain in the same offices for many years, think about how long your new flooring is likely to last. Buying cheaper flooring might appear to be a good way to save cash; however, it might end up costing you more in the long run if it needs replacing a year down the line than a premium flooring that comes with a generous commercial use guarantee.

If you are not sure which is the best flooring for your offices, speak to a sales advisor and ask their opinion. Experienced retailers will ask questions about your premises and will be able to provide advice on the best option for your needs.