Specialist Commercial Flooring Solutions

Date posted: 20/07/15

Safety flooring is vital to many establishments, and we are proud to stock an extensive range, suitable for a wide range of applications. Most people are aware of the need for specialist flooring in hospitals and schools, but care homes and many other institutions also require that safety be taken into consideration when flooring is replaced. The Health and Safety Executive stipulates specific criteria for certain flooring and we can help you to meet these requirements.

Non-Slip Flooring and Cushioned Flooring

Non-slip flooring needs to be suitable for the levels of traffic to which it is subjected, while maintaining its slip resistance. As a leading safety flooring retailer, we are confident we can match your requirements. We are able to advise businesses such as residential care facilities on the best non-slip flooring for all areas, including high traffic corridors; bedrooms; and communal areas. Walking aids and wheelchairs can cause damage and scuffing to floors; we can help you to select durable and safe flooring throughout your business premises.

We are also aware of the issues faced by visually impaired individuals, understanding, for example, that sparkle floors can cause problems among these and other sections of society, such as dementia patients. Floors which appear “wet” must be avoided in many care and medical environments.

Public leisure facilities and school sports halls often require cushioned flooring. This helps to ensure that participants remain injury-free during any activities that are likely to lead to falls.

Commercial Flooring

When it comes to commercial flooring solutions Liverpool has a wide range of businesses and institutions that require careful attention to detail to ensure the best option is chosen. Where safety flooring is installed in a commercial property, care must be taken to ensure that it works well with existing flooring in other areas. Varying levels of flooring, or flooring of different texture or design, should not create the illusion of a step between two areas.

We work with a large range of commercial clients to ensure different flooring types blend well together, maintaining both safety and versatility. Flooring on stairways is of particular importance, and we can work with you to minimise the risks of falls and trips on your premises. Using a contrasting colour for stair nosings and stair tread can significantly reduce the risk of accidents for both staff and visitors.

If you’re currently trying to choose reputable business flooring specialists in Liverpool and other areas can benefit from our expertise. We are always happy to work with your establishment’s unique requirements, and can offer expert advice on the best type of safety flooring for your needs.