Use Carpet, Vinyl or Flooring to Make a Great First Impression

Date posted: 20/05/24

When customers or clients enter your business premises, whether it’s an office, hotel or retail space, the flooring is one of the first things they notice. Choose wisely, and your flooring can reinforce the atmosphere and identity you want to project. Select poorly, and it can undermine your desired brand perception. Make a wise choice by selecting one of our commercial flooring options at Carpet Design and Flooring and promote the right ambience and image.

In the past, it was a fashionable choice amongst business owners to install a carpet with hectic colours and patterns. These trends are thankfully largely a thing of the past, but carpets are still a go-to choice if you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the entrance hall or common areas of your business. Textured carpets are a popular choice as well as carpets with subtle patterns or colours which reflect your business branding. For a luxurious effect in businesses such as hotels, choose plush carpeting, which feels soft and warm underfoot in rich colours like charcoal or burgundy. Carpets are also relatively easy to keep clean and tidy if you have a high footfall entering your business.

On the other hand, modern luxury vinyl flooring such as Kardeen in shades of grey or with a faux wood look can give a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, perfect for businesses wanting to appear cutting-edge and fashion-forward. The seamless visual and ease of maintenance make vinyl an appealing choice for retail stores, cultivating an upscale, minimalist brand styling. If you want a more casual, welcoming environment, laminate floors mimicking rustic or reclaimed wood can create an instantly warm, inviting feel that puts people at ease. The realistic knots and grains add visual interest and texture that bring in an earthy, homely element. Coffee shops and restaurants often use this type of laminate to foster a relaxed, friendly brand personality.

Whatever your desired brand image, the flooring you select plays an important role in shaping that critical first impression for visitors. Luxury carpet, modern vinyl or rustic laminate – the right choice harmonises with and amplifies your other branding and design efforts. It’s worth paying close attention to this often-overlooked aspect to ensure your floors enhance rather than detract from the on-brand atmosphere you aim to cultivate from the moment someone walks through the door.