What are the best flooring options for your small business?

Date posted: 11/04/23

If you’re looking for flooring for your small business studio or workspace, Carpet Design & Flooring Liverpool have everything you need. As one of Liverpool’s top commercial flooring suppliers, we stock a huge range of options for every style and budget.

But what type of flooring is best for your office? Below, we cover some of the top choices you might want to consider and why.

1. Carpet: Carpet flooring is a great choice if you have a showroom as part of your business. It comes in a great variety of styles and finishes, offers durability, and best of all it’s budget friendly. Carpets hide dust and footprints well, meaning it won’t look grubby even after many showroom visits. Modern carpets are also easy to maintain and clean and offer excellent stain resistance. Carpet is also warm and offers a level of soundproofing, making it a good option if you’re wanting to mask the sounds of water pipes, electrical equipment, or nearby lifts. As an added bonus, carpeting is hypoallergenic, which makes it a great option if your small business functions within the medical field.

2. Vinyl: An inexpensive option, vinyl flooring is easy to install even if you’re planning to do so yourself. Modern vinyl is incredibly durable and stain-resistant and won’t easily break if something is dropped on it. Thicker vinyls also offer some soundproofing, similar to carpet above, making them a great choice if you’re wanting to mask nearby noises coming from machinery or tools. Vinyl comes in a variety of choices and patterns, and vinyl tiles can often be mixed and matched, allowing you to be as creative as you’d like to be. Contemporary vinyl flooring also comes in styles emulating concrete or wood flooring, making it a visually appealing choice that is also budget-friendly.

3. Laminate: Laminate flooring is an excellent option if your office or workspace is customer-centric. If you have an art gallery or artisanal café, laminate flooring is a stylish choice as it looks just like wood without the maintenance effort and price tag of real wood. Laminate flooring is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and quick to install (even if you plan to DIY). Our laminate flooring options come in a huge variety of choices, from traditional to cutting-edge modern options that will transform any space.

What type of flooring will you choose for your small business workspace? If you’re still undecided between the above options, why not speak to our friendly team of experts or visit us at Carpet Design & Flooring in Liverpool.