Bathroom flooring trends for 2019

Date posted: 15/08/19

Often the smallest room in the home, the bathroom can carry much more interesting flooring choices than other rooms. Here are some of the top bathroom flooring trends for 2019 to inspire you when redecorating.

Wood/wood effect

Many homeowners now favour laminate flooring in the bathroom because it blends seamlessly with other rooms in the home. This trend is showing no sign of fading and is set to continue well into 2019 and beyond. Laminate is a great flooring option for bathrooms – just make sure you choose one that can handle the high levels of humidity and moisture involved. You might have to be prepared to mop up any spills or pools of water as they occur, but you are probably already doing this anyway! Laminate is available in so many colours and shades and finishes that it is easy to find the perfect match for the rest of your bathroom’s decor. From bleached pine effect to decadent dark oak, wood effect flooring is a classy and timeless choice.

Geometric patterned vinyl

Think bold primary colours and graphical design. Vinyl is the ultimate in versatile flooring and lends itself perfectly to one of this year’s biggest interior trends. The bathroom is the ideal space in which to get adventurous with your flooring, so feel free to really go to town here. Pair bright, colourful vinyl flooring with white walls and tiles and add a splash more colour with vibrant towels and accessories for a fun, modern look.

Bronze tones

Whether you prefer vinyl or tiles, bronze and similar shades are set to big news this year. These colours go perfectly with natural tones in the bathrooms and add warmth to the room. You can add bronze accents throughout the room to complement your bronze floor by hunting down bronze-coloured fixtures and accessories. Blush and dusky pinks are also set to be popular colour choices this year and will have a similar warming effect to bronze.

Black flooring

It might not be for the faint-hearted, but the black bathroom is a big trend for 2019. Think black tiles, black marble sinks and black flooring. This is a bold look that creates a high-end, luxurious feel in any bathroom. It certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but done well it can make your bathroom the focal point of your home. Clever spotlighting will bounce off your black floor, bringing the whole space to life.