Bye bye neutrals! How to use bold flooring colours in your home

Date posted: 28/11/23

Neutral flooring has long been the top choice in homes up and down the country. But in recent months, there has been a rising trend for bright, bold and colourful flooring choices. Whether it is carpet, laminate or vinyl, increasing numbers of style-focused homeowners are ditching the neutrals in favour of floors that really make an impact.

Why choose bright and colourful flooring?

Bold patterns can create energy and vibrancy in a home. For many years now, the more eye-catching styles have been reserved for the walls, with neutral flooring seen as a long-term and ‘safer’ investment. However, things are changing, and homeowners are opting for bold flooring to really make a statement, setting it against neutral walls and accessories. So, where are the best places to use bold flooring in your home?

Best places to use bright or bold flooring in your home

There are some spaces that lend themselves to bold or patterned flooring, without jeopardising the future saleability of your home.

Hallways: Choose patterned flooring to make an impact on visitors from the moment they step through the front door of your home. Carpet in the hallway is usually a no-no, with vinyl and laminate options preferred due to their ease of cleaning and durability. Patterned and geometric laminate and vinyl flooring options can be used to achieve a bold but classic look, especially when paired with relatively neutral walls.

Bathrooms/Washrooms: The bathroom or WC is another great place to have some fun with your flooring. Patterned vinyl flooring can bring your bathroom to life, especially when set against a plain bathroom suite.

Children’s rooms/playrooms: Children’s rooms are meant to be bright and colourful. Don’t be afraid to choose brightly coloured or patterned carpets in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It may also have the added advantage of helping to mask some of those marks and stains that come with a home with young children!

Conservatory/orangery: Both vinyl and laminate flooring are great options for a conservatory or orangery. While some may prefer a natural look with wood effect floors or a rustic feel with stone effect tiles, you may also want to mark it out as a distinct space by using colourful or patterned flooring. This works particularly well if you are trying to create a Mediterranean-inspired spot where you can soak up the sun.

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