Choosing the right flooring for your conservatory

Date posted: 01/06/16

Millions of British homeowners now use their conservatories as a year-round extension of their living space, with many structures that started life as occasional entertaining rooms now acting as dining rooms, playrooms or everyday living areas. The type of flooring you choose for your conservatory will be influenced by the room’s primary use and you will be pleased to learn that there is no need to compromise on aesthetics even if you are limited in your options.

Conservatories are generally subjected to greater extremes of temperature than other parts of the home and can become very cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer without adequate shade and ventilation. Some types of floor will be more affected by these fluctuating temperatures than others; therefore, make sure you opt for a floor covering that can withstand the unique conditions of your conservatory. In addition to the weather conditions where you live playing a part, your conservatory will be affected by its position in the garden, how much sun it receives and whether it is sheltered by your home or other structures.

Laminate flooring for conservatories

Laminate flooring is a great all-round choice for a general purpose conservatory. It is easy to keep clean, resistant to most scratches, never gets too cold even in winter and, if you select a water-resistant brand, won’t be damaged by wet, muddy feet coming in from the garden. The huge range of colours and designs means it is easy to find laminate flooring that fits in with the rest of your décor; for example, you can opt for something shiny, sleek and modern or with a rustic finish.

Vinyl flooring for conservatories

Vinyl is another great option and similar to laminate in that it is hardwearing, water-resistant and won’t feel too cold. Vinyl flooring can be bought in rolls, tiles or planks and is available in an endless variety of styles, designs and colours. If you want the look of tiles without the expense, hassle and coldness, vinyl is the perfect alternative. Many modern vinyl’s replicate the look of hard tiles so well that it is impossible to tell the difference until you touch it. Vinyl can also replicate the look of wood or laminate, making this a truly versatile option. It is also easy to clean and is a great hygienic option, making it ideal for conservatories in homes with pets and children.