Creative Flooring Ideas for Small Spaces

Date posted: 13/06/24

If you live in a flat, maisonette or terrace house, making the most of your limited space is essential. One decision that can significantly impact how your compact living space looks and feels is your choice of flooring. The right floor can prevent a cramped, confined feeling in a small flat or house. Here are some creative small space flooring ideas using carpet, laminate and vinyl to open up your living areas.

Opt for Light Shades

Light-coloured floors, such as pale wood laminates, neutral stone tiles, or low-pile light carpet, help maximise the feeling of space and light. The lighter tones reflect more light around the room and create an airy, open ambience. Try to choose flooring with subtle patterns or solid light shades such as beige or grey.

Use the Same Flooring Throughout

Rather than having distinct floors in each room, install the same flooring material throughout your main living areas. This seamless, cohesive look makes the whole area seem bigger and more expansive rather than disconnected into small rooms. Laminate wood floors, vinyl or low pile carpet all work well for this continuous flooring approach.

Mix and Match Materials

While consistent flooring has its benefits, you can also get creative by mixing flooring in an open plan layout. For example, use wood laminate in the lounge, vinyl flooring in the kitchen and fit a low pile carpet in the bedroom area. Just be sure the colours and materials complement each other. Area rugs can help tie the different flooring together.

Keep it Simple

Busy patterns and textures can make compact spaces feel overcrowded and visually chaotic. Stick to sleek, streamlined floors such as solid hardwood, laminate with wood visuals, smooth LVT planks or a low pile loop carpet in a single tonal shade. Minimalist flooring creates a clean, pulled-together aesthetic that gives the illusion of more space.

Go Wall-to-Wall

For the most seamless look, install flooring from wall to wall without borders or insets. This maximises visible floor space and makes a room feel more open. Laminate flooring, click LVT, or low profile carpet tiles installed edge-to-edge give an expansive, boundless impression.

When you’re trying to make a home feel more spacious, your flooring can make or break the illusion. With the right materials, colours and installation approach, you can design floors that visually maximise every last bit of space. Get creative with carpet, laminate, vinyl and more to give your small flat or terraced house a big sense of style.