Flooring trends: back to black

Date posted: 02/11/21

Whether wood, laminate or vinyl, black flooring is huge news at the moment and marks a shift away from the lighter, more rustic flooring trends of the past few years. It is certainly a bold choice for the home and you might find it daunting, even if you are a fan. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate this statement flooring into your home and consider alternatives that give a similar contemporary feel but with more versatility.

Install it in a small, bright room

If you are worried that black flooring will make your home too dark but really want to add this 2021 flooring trend to your property, why not incorporate it into a small room? Smaller rooms are often our lightest rooms simply because of the window size to room ratio, making them the perfect place to experiment and opt for bolder decor. A home office, for example, is a great choice for a black floor. You can pair it with walls in a soft white for a sleek minimalist feel that you can accessorise in any way you wish.

Update your bathroom with a black floor

Black flooring in bathrooms adds a modern touch and looks extremely elegant when paired with classic white tiles and contemporary spotlights. For an affordable bathroom makeover, vinyl flooring is a top choice and you will find a whole host of stunning designs in black. For a dazzling high-end finish that won’t darken your bathroom, pick flooring with a high sheen. For something more subtle, a matte finish will look much softer and more low key.

Go monochromatic

If you are not certain about solid black flooring, why not compromise and opt for black and white? Black and white chequerboard tile patterns, whether ceramic, laminate or vinyl, are an interior design classic that will always be in style. The perfect finish for a striking kitchen or bathroom design, you are sure to find something you love within your budget simply because there are so many options.

Opt for dark brown instead

If you love the look of black flooring but feel it is too much for your home, consider very dark wood-effect flooring instead. You will find plenty of dark vinyls and laminate flooring that perfectly replicate the look of real wood – but without the expense – and recreate the luxurious and contemporary vibe of black flooring but slightly less dramatically.