Flooring Trends for 2019

Date posted: 25/02/19

Now that 2018 has well and truly finished, the interiors industry has already started looking ahead to 2019 to reveal what the biggest trends in home decor are going to be. When it comes to flooring, there aren’t actually all that many surprises – the main trend once again appears to be wood, which has gone from strength the strength in recent years. Here are some of the ways in which you can expect to see wood featuring as flooring next year.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This is expected to be a huge trend in 2019, with more and more people recognising that engineered wood delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to flooring. It’s timeless, durable and beautiful, meaning it will look just as good in five or ten years as it does on the day it’s installed. It’s also versatile and is suitable for laying over many different types of flooring if the correct installation procedures are followed. It’s the perfect compromise for anyone who wants hardwood flooring but doesn’t quite have the budget or conditions required.

Grey Wood Flooring

Greys, especially pale, bleached tones, are expected to be back again next year. There has been a move towards grey woods and laminates recently, but 2019 is when this trend will really come to the fore. Grey is particularly popular in kitchens, where it works well with glass and brushed steel. It’s also becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms, where it offers a contemporary alternative to tiles.

Sustainable Woods

Consumers are more eco-savvy than ever before, and manufacturers are upping their eco-credentials in order to win over those who want to minimise their carbon footprint. Always check where the wood you’re using is sourced from and research the sustainability of the materials used in your flooring, no matter type what you choose. Bamboo has been a popular choice recently because of the incredible speed with which it grows – this trend is expected to continue, and there are even laminates replicating the unique and striking appearance of bamboo flooring.

Darker Woods

2019 is likely to see increased demand for darker wooden flooring or laminates. This indicates a slight shift away from the pine and oak tones of the past few years – although these will remain popular due to their mass-market appeal. Darker woods are more associated with a luxurious finish and look incredible paired with white walls and boldly coloured accessories.