Get creative with coloured flooring

Date posted: 06/08/20

If you tend to stick with the same old safe shades when it comes to flooring, maybe it’s time to mix things up a little. While neutral colours and tones inspired by natural materials such as wood and stone are always going to be popular, sometimes it’s fun to introduce a little of the unexpected into your flooring. Here are some tips to help you liven up your decor simply by updating your flooring:

Patterned flooring

Patterned flooring has been bang on trend for the past couple of years, with tiles, carpet and vinyl leading the way. Geometric designs have been hugely popular and remain so this year. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, patterned flooring is a great way to introduce interest into any room.

Choose monochrome designs if you want something more classic or opt for a colour palette that complements the rest of your decor. If geometric designs don’t work for you, there are plenty of other options to choose from – checks and tartan designs are also popular right now.

Introduce a splash of colour with a rug

Not feeling bold enough to carpet your entire room in a bright colour? Simply adding a rug will liven up the space but is far less of a commitment. You can find rugs to suit any size of space and type of flooring. Just make sure it’s got an anti-slip backing or underlay to help prevent slips and trips.

Use a subtle shade of an unexpected colour

Love lilac? Gaga for green? Softer shades of colours work extremely well in carpets, especially the type of lush, luxurious carpets best suited to bedrooms. If you want to add colour and interest to a room but going all out just isn’t your style, opting for a muted tone is a great way to go.

Think grey-toned lilacs or sage green rather than brighter versions. You can continue the colour theme throughout the room with accessories and soft furnishings in complementary or matching shades, while still maintaining a neutral colour scheme for walls and paintwork.

Don’t be afraid to go dark

Darker floors can work very well in smaller rooms in particular and can create cosy, welcoming spaces. Navy, for example, has been a top choice in interiors for the past couple of years and works very well in carpets or vinyl flooring.