How to choose the perfect summerhouse flooring

Date posted: 21/08/21

After the past 18 months, our homes have become our sanctuaries, our workplaces, our beer gardens, and the settings for our staycations. As a result, many of us have built summerhouses or renovated existing garden structures to make them more pleasant to spend time in. The right flooring in your summerhouse can make all the difference, with the best option for you depending on how you primarily use your summerhouse.

While some more basic structures will have a wooden base that it is not possible to add much in the way of flooring to, except perhaps a rug, more permanent structures offer several options. Let’s look at what you should consider when choosing summerhouse flooring:

How do you use the summerhouse?

Is your summerhouse purely a place for sitting with a cold drink on a warm day, or is it used in a variety of ways? Many people use summerhouses for yoga or another exercise. Do you have small children who are more at home playing on the floor than sitting on a chair? If so, you might prefer carpet in your summerhouse. Carpet tiles are great for this purpose because they are easy to lay and can be very hardwearing. It is also simple and cheap to replace the odd tile if it is damaged or stained.

If you use the summerhouse for more strenuous exercise or for hobbies that might make a mess, such as painting, a floor that is easy to clean might suit you better. Vinyl flooring is an excellent option in this case, as it can be mopped or wiped regularly to keep it free of dirt.

Do you need waterproof flooring?

If you like to use your summerhouse all year round, whatever the weather, you are likely to need water-resistant flooring that won’t be damaged by the constant stream of wet or muddy footprints; likewise, if you have cats or dogs who like to curl up in the summerhouse on rainy days, the chances are that they will leave wet and dirty pawprints on the floor. Vinyl is great for a summerhouse floor that needs to be durable and water-resistant. Laminate flooring might also be suitable in some cases, but make sure you check with the manufacturer first.

What style do you want?

If the overall look of your summer house is more important to you than durability, you will simply want to go for the flooring option that suits your decor best; however, always check that your chosen flooring is suitable for laying in a summerhouse.