Our top 3 flooring options for a playroom

Date posted: 17/04/23

If you’re lucky enough to have the option of creating a playroom in your home, you’ll no doubt enjoy the absence of those painful Lego pieces lurking on the path to the TV. However, you may also be wondering how to keep it looking decent. Now the obvious answer is plenty of storage boxes to drop everything into at the end of a long day, but what about those empty spaces of flooring that inevitably get uncovered?

The following are some of our favourite flooring options for your ideal playroom:

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great option if you want something that is truly spill – and scratch-proof. It’s relatively warm under little feet, withstands lots of bashing and pulling chairs and toys about, and won’t warp when exposed to liquids. There are also plenty of stylish options available, so you don’t have to put up with ’70s orange vinyl tiles (unless that’s your style). Vinyl has the added benefit of being relatively cheap, so you can replace it if it does get damaged or you want to change things up. It’s also really easy to install yourself, so that’s an added saving on cost.


Carpet is another surprisingly great option for playroom flooring. This is because it’s soft, meaning little people can’t hurt themselves so easily. Lots of contemporary carpet flooring is also relatively stain resistant. Natural wool carpets are also hypoallergenic, though a little pricier. Ideally, you’ll want to go for a heavily patterned or darker-coloured carpet for your playroom. Light or white carpets are not the best idea, although they are by no means impossible to maintain. A good carpet cleaner can handle most stains, provided they’re treated quickly. Best of all, carpet flooring is nice and warm and keeps the noise level of dragged toys and furniture to a minimum.


Lastly, you could look at laminate flooring for your playroom. A little pricier than vinyl, but also very sturdy and reasonably scratch resistant. Laminate can be mopped clean if you don’t use too much water (heavy moisture can make it warp). This makes it a particularly hygienic option for messy little people. Laminate is also a more stylish option than some and can look just like real wood. For a ‘best of both worlds’ option, we’d recommend some heavy-duty laminate flooring together with area rugs that you can move and wash when needed. This way, your playroom floor will always be clean. Tidy is another matter entirely!