The best flooring choices if you suffer from allergies

Date posted: 14/04/21

Many people have already started sneezing as hayfever begins to cause issues. This is far from the only allergy, either. In fact, around half of the population of the world has some form of allergy. This highlights how big an issue this is and how important it is to reduce allergens in many people’s homes. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help allergen-proof your home, and choosing the right flooring is one of the best.

One of the major problems for allergy sufferers is the accumulation of dust and dirt. This is why it is vital to have flooring that prevents these substances from building up and is as easy as possible to keep clean. Both vinyl flooring and laminate flooring can be a perfect choice to keep allergens such as dust, dust mites, dirt, grass, pollen, pet hairs, mould, and mildew at bay. Chemicals can also be a trigger for some allergy suffers and these floors are ideal for using environmentally-friendly, chemical-free cleaning techniques.

What should I look for in my flooring?

If you have an allergy or you want to allergen-proof your home to help someone in your household, then it is worth considering what makes an effective hypo-allergenic choice. In general, soft surfaces may not be the best option if keeping allergens at bay is your primary objective, unless you choose a specially-created hypoallergenic carpet.

In general, harder floors are a better option as these are less likely to trap particles that can cause issues such as allergy flare-ups. Even regular vacuuming of carpet with a HEPA filter may not be enough to get at allergens that may affect people with serious allergies, especially if these allergens make their way through the top layer of the carpet and into the padding below.

The benefits of vinyl and laminate flooring

In contrast to carpet, laminate and vinyl flooring will not make it easy for allergens to become trapped and both offer an easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain flooring choice. If you have a very serious allergy, it may be worth talking to us when making your choice if the VOC content or type of installation adhesive may cause issues.

In general, higher-end vinyl is likely to be the best choice if VOC content is a consideration. If you have to think about having an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to install your floor, you may decide on a vinyl or laminate option with click-lock installation instead.