The latest bathroom flooring trends

Date posted: 12/09/22

Although often the smallest room in the house, it is incredibly important to get the flooring in the bathroom right. You need something that can withstand the frequent splashes and spills and be easy to clean and maintain. It also needs to look good and, ideally, be comfortable underfoot. The good news is that there are more options than ever when it comes to bathroom flooring. Whether you prefer the affordability and versatility of vinyl, the timeless look of tiles or the modern favourite of laminate, there is something for every taste, budget and home. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the most popular types of bathroom flooring.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms

Vinyl has long been a top choice for bathrooms, as it is available at a huge range of price points and in just about any colour, design and style you could think of. Whether you want a classic monochrome chequerboard finish, an eye-catching and colourful statement floor or to flawlessly replicate the look of stone, you will find what you are looking for. It is low maintenance, easy to fit, and very durable. It is also relatively soft and warm to walk on, making it perfect for bare feet. There aren’t really any cons when it comes to vinyl.


Many laminates are suitable for installing in bathrooms or other high-moisture rooms, meaning you can choose your favourite wood-effect flooring for your bathroom. If you have laminate elsewhere in your home, installing it in your bathroom creates a pleasing flow between rooms. Wood-effect floors also go with just about any decor style or colour, meaning you can re-decorate your bathroom without changing the floor every time. While modern laminates can withstand high moisture, it is important not to leave water standing on the floor for too long. Any splashes and spills should be cleaned up right away or you run the risk of water creeping into the joints, causing swelling and discolouration.


Tiles are considered the luxury option by many and it is true that you will find tiles in many high-end properties. They are timeless and add a luxe finish to any space; however, they come at a price and, depending on the type of tile you want, you might find this type of flooring eats up a huge chunk of your bathroom budget. They also require professional fitting and in the event of cracks or damage, you will need to replace the whole tile. They are also cold to the touch, which is perfect for hot summer days but not so appealing in the depths of winter.