The top interior trends for 2021: part two

Date posted: 17/02/21

Welcome to part two of our introduction to 2021’s top interior decor trends. In part one, we outlined the cottage decor trend and the re-emergence of herringbone flooring; in part two, we bring you Japanese minimalism, Scandi style and a rustic vibe.

Japanese minimalism

This aesthetic has a wonderfully clean and modern feel. Although minimalist, it is still welcoming and appealing and creates a warm atmosphere with the use of natural materials. As far as flooring goes, think light woods, tiles or tile-effect flooring. Light bamboo flooring works perfectly with this trend, adding warmth and softness but clean lines. Whatever flooring you choose, it should be a muted neutral colour and have minimal design elements – certainly no patterned carpets or vinyl!

Scandi style

This isn’t so much a new trend for 2021 as a continuation of a style that has been big news for several years. Chunky wood or wood-effect flooring is the top choice for this decor style, but monochrome tiles or vinyl flooring can also work. A top choice for cosy, welcoming rooms in which you feel instantly comfortable and at home, the Scandi style is here to stay for the foreseeable future and is a more versatile trend than you might initially realise. Wooden floors, white walls and colourful accessories are a safe bet if you like to change your textiles and decorative accessories for a fresh feel regularly. Another option is a natural yet warm colour palette or golden-toned wood floors, natural and light earth tones on the walls, and furniture in similarly muted shades.

Rustic decor

This is all about mixing and matching. Perfect for the collectors amongst us, this works best when it comprises a combination of new, old and different styles. Upcycled furniture, secondhand pieces and bespoke items work well together to create an eclectic finish. Beaten-up wooden chairs or old leather sofas can be given a whole new lease of life by adding soft, colourful cushions. You will also want some comfortable throws, either piled invitingly in a basket or artfully draped over the backs of chairs. When it comes to the flooring, wood or laminate is the obvious choice with a big statement rug for warmth and a cosy feel. Vinyl is perhaps a less obvious choice. Retro tile designs can work very well; again, add a rug to soften the look.