Three flooring trends for 2021

Date posted: 30/06/21

Interior designers lookout for hot new trends each year, with our homes often taking nuanced inspiration from the styles and fashions that filter down from the haute couture catwalks. Flooring is no different, with new directions constantly emerging that define how we see our homes and how we want them to look.

Are you looking for a fresh new aesthetic? After all, even the most patient homeowner is likely to be keen on a change after a year of being largely stuck at home! Try some of these ideas for size as you plan your next interior project.

1. Wood trends for 2021

Wood is still going to be one of the most sought-after flooring finishes, although many people will opt for hard-wearing alternatives such as laminate or vinyl with a wood-effect finish. Look out for hot shades such as versatile light brown, the full spectrum of greys, coastal-inspired whitewashes, and atmospheric darker browns. This year will focus very much on cool-effect and desaturated trends without warm undertones. These cool shades are perfect for instilling a sense of peace, tranquillity and sophistication in your living space.

2. Textured finishes in 2021

Texture will be a huge trend this year, appearing across carpets, wood, vinyl and laminate flooring alike, with patterns used to suggest texture. For wood and carpets, look for finishes that suggest a reclaimed or distressed effect. Artfully faded or desaturated colours will be popular for carpets; however, a concurrent trend is likely to see contrasting, bold and highly saturated colour choices for a rich, sumptuous finish. These jewel-like colours will bring warmth, energy and vibrancy into an interior and work beautifully in a mixed flooring home to provide visual interest and flexibility.

3. Combined flooring in 2021

The third trend we are currently seeing is a big demand for is mixed or combined flooring. Our customers are looking to create zoning within smaller homes and apartments especially, using flooring and other interior design techniques. Try quality vinyl flooring or laminate flooring in your high-traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens, and invest in warm and cosy carpets for relaxing spaces such as lounges and sitting rooms, bedrooms and perhaps even your home office. We are likely to be working from home for some time yet, so it makes sense to invest in a beautiful, inspiring space that makes the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Which flooring trends are you keen to try in your home in 2021?