Top Tips for Keeping Outdoor Dirt Outside

Date posted: 13/11/15

Despite our best efforts, it’s impossible to completely prevent stains or dirty marks on carpets in the home. In hallways and other high traffic areas, carpets undergo a great deal of wear and tear, especially if they’re near an external door. By following these handy hints, however, you can minimise the risk that stains or dirty patches caused by dirt brought in from outside will become permanent features.

Keep Doormats Clean

There’s no point expecting your doormat to do its job properly (i.e. preventing dirt and debris from being traipsed through into your home from outside) if you don’t keep it clean. Vacuum doormats regularly, and clean them as recommended by the manufacturer. If they’re suitable for machine washing, put them on a gentle cycle occasionally to ensure they’re squeaky clean. Old-fashioned beating also works a treat – simply beat it against a wall or with the palm of your hand.

The Double Doormat Approach

What’s better than one doormat? Two doormats of course! If you have a vestibule or porch as well as a hallway, place a doormat on each side of the door. A rougher, heavier duty doormat will deal with mud or heavy dirt, while a second doormat inside the front door can take care of the excess. Many people automatically rub their feet on a doormat when entering a building, so placing two at your entrance will remind guests to clean their footwear before they traipse dirt through your home.

Don’t Forget about the Back Door

If you have a back door, patio doors or any other access points to your home, place doormats at each of these locations too. Many people just think about the front door as this tends to be the most commonly used, but doors leading out onto the garden can also be sources of a great deal of dirt and debris, particularly in the summer when people are constantly walking in and out. This is especially important if you have cats or dogs with their own entrances as muddy paws can deposit a lot of dirt!

The No Shoes Indoors Rule

You might not feel comfortable asking adult visitors to remove footwear when they arrive at your home, but you don’t need to take an all or nothing approach. Try and encourage your family to remove their shoes when they’re at home. Shoes and boots wear down carpets as well as depositing dirt from outdoors. If you stick to wearing socks or slippers while indoors, you’ll extend the life of your carpets and help keep them looking new for longer.