What are the biggest interior trends for 2022?

Date posted: 14/03/22

If you are planning to makeover your home in 2022, you are probably wondering what the big trends in interiors are going to be. Over the past two years, most of us have spent more time at home than ever; therefore, it is unlikely to be a surprise to learn that comfort has become much more important when it comes to interior design. This can be seen in flooring by the fact that carpets are making something of a comeback after losing ground to wood, laminate floors and vinyl flooring in recent years. What else is on the horizon for our home decor?

Colour trends

Green is the biggest colour of 2022, with everything from deep emerald to lighter grey-greens making a big splash. We are not suggesting that you lay green flooring throughout your home; instead, if you opt for green decor, you will find wood or laminate complements it well. Deeper greens look striking with dark, rich wooden tones, while softer greens work well with pale wood. Grey is still popular, as it has been for a while now, although warmer neutrals are expected to take over this year. The colour and type of flooring you opt for in a warm neutral colour scheme will depend on the colour family you have chosen and what sort of feel you want to create in your room. For a rustic-luxe finish, warm wooden laminates are hard to beat, while a sumptuous deep-pile carpet in cream or mushroom is perfect for a luxurious bedroom.

1970s influence

The 70s have been inching their way into our interiors and are going to be everywhere this year. The colours associated with the 70s, such as mustard and terracotta, will be big news, especially as they work very well with the warm neutral trend mentioned above. In the world of furniture, expect to see sleek 70s-style legs and lots of teak. When it comes to flooring, you will be spoilt for choice if you want to embrace this trend. Traditional shag carpets will be top of many people’s lists when they picture 70s flooring, with patterned vinyl also set to be popular.

Bring the outside in

With our homes becoming so important as sanctuaries over the past two years, more and more of us are trying to bring elements of the natural world into our homes to help us relax and stay mindful. Natural fibres or materials, such as wood, sisal and coir, are favoured for their eco-credentials, appearance, and the ambience they provide.