What is the best flooring for a child’s bedroom?

Date posted: 29/11/20

While carpet is the traditional choice for flooring in children’s bedrooms, there are several other popular options. Let’s take a look at some of the top choices.


Carpet remains extremely popular for children’s rooms for several reasons. It is soft and warm, making it comfortable to sit and play on. Carpets also provides a cushioned landing surface for smaller children who are still not too steady on their feet. It is available in a huge range of colours and can add a warm, cosy feel to your little one’s room.

It is not necessarily the best choice for those with allergies, as allergens such as animal dander, pollen and dust get trapped in carpet fibres and can only be removed by vacuuming. It can also be difficult to remove stains from food, drinks, paints etc.


This is a great choice for a child’s bedroom. It is great for those with allergies and can be mopped clean to remove all traces of allergens. It is also attractive to look at and will go with any colour scheme if you want to redecorate as your child gets older and their tastes and needs change. If the rest of your home flooring is wood or laminate, using laminate flooring in your child’s room will create a feeling of flow and continuity throughout the property.

It is not as soft or warm underfoot as carpet, but the addition of a plush rug can provide a comfortable playing area. Any spillages can be wiped up easily; however, you should avoid leaving any type of liquid sitting on laminate flooring for long, as it can get into the joins and cause swelling or discolouration.


This is another top choice in homes with allergy sufferers, as it can be mopped or wiped clean. It tends to feel softer and warmer underfoot than laminate and is available in an almost limitless array of colours, patterns and styles. Some vinyl flooring has a cushioned feel – combined with the right underlay, this can be a great surface for children to play on because it is comfortable and will cushion them if they fall. If you are worried about spills or messy craft activities, vinyl is easy to clean and won’t easily stain or become damaged. As with laminate, you can easily add a rug for warmth and a soft surface for children to play on.